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Mountain Wellness Coaching

Let's Climb Mt. Well Together!

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Health & Wellness Coach

As a Health & Wellness Coach, I understand when change feels beyond grasp or

when you know there is more out there for you.  

Clients seek lifestyle behavior changes for enhanced well-being.   

My mission is simple: support & encourage you along your chosen journey!

Health & wellness coaching is a holistic approach of

creating better wellness through awareness.

Let’s get started!


Reach Mountain Tops While in the Valley

Common Lifestyle Changes:

  • ​Increasing Daily Movement

  • Stress Management

  • Overcoming Challenges

  • Negative Self-talk

  • Eating Habits

  • Physical Well-being

  • Time Management

What energizes you? 

What do you want more of in your life?  Less of?


Always so fun listening to you; you display so much positivity and warmth with clients! . . . You are naturally masterful at (coaching presence, rapport, helping bring out the best in your client and making her feel comfortable, positive regard, support, etc). 

Advance Health & Wellness Coaching Instructor

You are simply YOU, full of energy, intelligent, sincere as they get and cool as all "get out!" I am appreciative to of met you . . . There is no greater connection than what another open-hearted human can offer another.  I am excited you are bringing this to your ski community and recognize how your passionate, nurturing and genuine personality will impact these people that are looking for someone to open up their inner wisdom to flourish. You are a source of light and love and I am honored to of met you Dani, to learn from you and experience the kind of fun and energy you bring into the moment!


Dani - you do a great job "keeping it real"!  You certainly are a person that navigates in this way but with such clarity and with grace, and that is not common. It is a special approach connections and relationships.  You have so much genuine enthusiasm and curiosity . . . such great awareness . . . brilliant health coach!


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